Tony Stark Last Speech in "END GAME" , HERO - Bagi anda yang sudah menonton avengers end game pasti sangat mengingat adegan di mana Tony Stark aka Iron Man memberikan speech terakhirnya di ruang keluarga berupa hologram rekaman dirinya dan begitu dalam pesan yang disampaikan sehingga membuat banyak penonton terpaku nan terharu akan situasi tersebut.

Berikut adalah kalimat terkeren di FILM AVENGERS END GAME yang saya dapatkan

Everybody wants a happy ending,

But it doesn't always roll that way
Maybe this time. I'm hoping if you play this
back... it's in celebration. 

I hope families are
reunited. I hope we get it back, in somewhat
like a normal version of the planet has been
restored, if there ever was such a thing.
God, what a world Universe now. 

If you told me 10 years ago that we weren't alone,
let alone you know to this extent...

I mean, i wouldn't habe been suprised. But come
on, you know. That epic force of darkness
and light that have come into play. 

And for better or worse, that's the reality Morgan's
going to find a way to grow up in. So i found
a private area to record a little greeting in
case of an untimely death on my part. 

Not that death at any time is ever timely. This
time travel thing that we are going to pull
off tomorow... Its got me sctraching my
head about the survivability of all this. 

But then again that's a hero gig. Part of the
journey is the end. What am i tripping for?
Everything is going to work out exactly the
way its supposed to. 

I love you 3000

Semoga postingan ini dapat menghibur anda para pecinta MARVEL. Thanks Robert Downey , Jr!!!

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